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Insurance coverage

It is at the discretion of our clients whether they would like to send through insurance or not. Many insurance companies recognize the benefit of chiropractic and provide coverage. Copayments are expected to be paid at your appointment and you will receive a bill for any remaining charges left on the account after insurance coverage. If you have specific questions, please contact the office. 

We do not accept insurance for massage therapy or health coaching. 

We accept cash, check, as well as most credit and debit cards. 

New Chiropractic Patient Forms

If you are unable to bring completed forms to your appointment, we ask that you would arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. 

If you are seeking chiropractic services as a result of an injury sustained at work, please print and complete the following forms to bring to your appointment. 

Please print and complete the following forms if you have not received a massage from the massage therapist you are scheduled with. 

Auto accident form

Complete this form to learn if you could benefit from one of our 10 day or 28 day detoxification programs, tailor made to best meet your needs. 

If you are seeking chiropractic services as a result of an automobile accident, please print the following forms and bring a completed copy to your appointment. Also bring a copy of your automobile insurance card. 

Please print and fill out all six pages to bring with to your first chiropractic appointment. Also bring a copy of your insurance card if you are choosing to send through insurance. We accept cash patients as well.  

Stress assessment

metabolic detoxification questionnaire

Chiropractic Forms

New massage Therapy client form 

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Workers compensation form

Complete this free assessment to identify if your stress is natural and healthy or chronic and harmful. One of our professionals would be happy to interpret the results and help you restore balance and increase resilience.